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Lightscape Building is a boutique building company based in the Blue Mountains

About us

We strive to
exceed our

We appreciate that for most of our clients, building is one of the biggest financial, time and energetic investments they will make. 


Whether it’s an extension, fixing existing structures or creating a new home, we aim to be there, with quality practices, strong communication and respect for both our customers and our trade.


Rick Altavilla


A bit about me, it all started at a very young age, apprenticed by my father, Richard Altavilla Snr.  I finally obtained a complete Carpentry & Joinery License by the age of 18, followed by a complete Builders License by 21.  I furthered my education with University credentials in Project Management with UTS in 2011. 


My family and my life in the beautiful Blue Mountains is what motivates me to grow both as a builder and as an individual. I have a particular love of the local, historic style architecture, finding great satisfaction in respecting and preserving original styles, whilst inserting a level of modernity and sleekness. Being a builder in the Blue Mountains requires a lot of creativity and adaptability, working within such a dramatic natural environment. 


Drop me a line, let’s chat and see if I can help bring your vision to life




We get that the building process can be daunting and that we are asking for a tremendous amount of trust.  


Our relationship with you is paramount through this process, and we want you to stay in the know.


We promise to keep you informed through; daily site reports, immediate updates on discoveries backed by photographic evidence and weekly site meetings to go through where we are and where we’re going.



Structural & workmanship gurantees

We understand the biggest concerns when choosing a builder is what happens if something goes wrong. The cost and inconvenience of a botched job can be terrifying! 


That's why we have a standard 10 year structural guarantee (4 years above industry mandated standard), and 7 years on workmanship and materials. 


So we’re not just with you for the next 6 months, we’ve got your back for the next decade!




The cost of building can't just be measured in the final invoice, it's the amount of time you’re not in your dream home, without a kitchen or living in a construction site. 


We value your time, and your finances, and we promise to be upfront with all the costs and commit to deliver on time and to budget. 


Our budget options are as flexible as our construction options. Whether it be a project that calls for a more malleable cost plus structure or a fixed price guarantee, we work with what the individual project requires. 


We will provide you with a live costing and construction program,  so you can see where we are in the build, how much it has cost so far and where we are projected to go. 


Historic renovations

Living in the beautiful Blue Mountains, we have have a great appreciation for its history and classic architecture. Through respectful restorations we help preserve these iconic style for generations to come.  


It’s what
we do

Whilst we have a passion for bringing grand designs to life, we are also here to help with existing problems.

Whether it be concrete cancer, structural issues or a new bathroom, we’ve got it!


Certification & equipment

Experienced Trades

We only uses qualified & trusted trades people onsite to deliver the best experience for our clients.


Rick is a qualified builder with experience working with architects and interior designers.


We always use the best and safest equipment. Ensuring the best possible outcome for your project. 

Health &

The safety of our clients, staff and contractors is always front of mind. We have a safety first approach and never compromise on the welfare of those on our sites. 


Lachlan M


"I engaged Rick to assist me undertake renovations and repairs to my 10 year old architectural designed home to prepare it for sale.  

The work undertaken was varied including the repaving of verandas, designing and building the fit out of a cellar, patching and repairs to rendered walls, and internal touch ups.   

I was impressed with Rick’s project management and communication skills that allowed me to managed the budget and achieve the desired outcome.  The quality of the work was excellent and the trades employed on the job were all very professional. 

Rick and his team took care to protect areas of the house not been worked on and the site was always left clean at the end of the day.

It was a pleasure to work with Rick on the project and I am confident that the work undertaken helped me achieve an excellent sales result.

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